Permits & Authorizations
Far Part 135 and 121 Permits


The Mexican Civil Aviation Authority ("the Mexican CAA") may grant an indefinite permit for transport of passengers, cargo and/or ambulance for an entire aircraft fleet. Once obtained, the permit can be modified by adding or removing aircraft. The annual verification must take place according to the requirements of the permit. For more information please visit the download section.

The documents required by law to be filled before the Mex CAA are:

  • General power of attorney on our behalf apostilled and notarized* Attached, please only fill out Spanish version on second page. English version is only for reference *Original.

  • Copies of Registration and Airworthiness certificates for all the tail numbers on your fleet to be included.

  • Mexican and Worldwide Insurance stating commercial use and including the tail numbers on your fleet. *colored copies are fine.

  • Air Operator Certificate (should mention company name).

  • Articles of Incorporation (apostilled and notarized) *Original.

  • Operations Specifications Manual.

  • Do85 (listing all the aircrafts to be included in the permit).

  • ELT letter with updated equipment requirements * Attached to be signed by the Director of Maintenance or Director of Operations.

  • Mexican AIP Manual (we will buy this on your behalf if you don't have one already).

  • OST FROM 4507/6410.

  • Questionnaire * Attached English and Attached Spanish please only fill out Spanish version. English version only for reference.

  • Certified FAA letter stating aircraft is equipped with the new requirement according to NOM-008- SCT3-2002 (Minimum Equipment List MEL).

During the process of obtaining the blanket permit you cannot add or delete tail numbers. However, once obtained, the document can be modified. Client may be legible for single landing shoots during the period of this process for an extra cost on each single landing authorization.

The first process of the permit is to obtain a Security Manual against Acts of Unlawful. For this purpose, we need:

  • Company logo as an electronic file (JPG, PDF or similar).

  • Your complete company address.

  • Information regarding each aircraft (weights, three view draw, engine serial numbers, seat configuration, aircraft serial number, year of construction, etc.).

  • Company organizational chart (Company Hierarchy Chart).

  • Company directory (list of employees with phone numbers and e-mail addresses)

  • Image showing hangar location in home-based airport
  • The security Manual takes between 1 to 3 weeks to obtain, and the complete permit takes from 4 to 6 months only if all documents are as required and complete.

    We would be very pleased to assist you with your process, we are here to support you 24/7 with any doubt you could have while gathering all the necessary documents. You will be benefited with all the great things that a blanket permit brings along.

    Far Part 91 Authorizations

    Articles 28 and 29 of the Mexican Civil Aviation Law provide for private non-commercial air transportation. Foreign operators of private, non-commercial aircraft may fly to and from Mexico on a multiple entry basis with an authorization from the Mex CAA. The first landing must be at an International Airport.


    For the purpose of obtaining a Multi Entry Authorization, the following documents are required:

    • Certificate of Registration (COR).
    • Certificate of Airworthiness (COA).
    • Worldwide Insurance (must state the word worldwide or all over the world).
    • Mexican Insurance (must state Private Use, i.e. Uso Privado and must have the PAID stamp/seal).
      • Both insurances have to match with company name in COR.**Mandatory**
    • Crew licenses (must have the correct type rating for the aircraft) * two crew will suffice
    • Crew medical certificates (must be no older than 12 months).
    • DGAC POA (filled and signed by company in the Spanish section only). * Attached.
      • POA company name has to match with the one in the registration. **Mandatory**.

    Important: In case that the insurances are not under the name on the COR, an endorsement is accepted where the name on the COR is mentioned as well as the tail number.

    The price for MEA 2019 including the monthly statistical reporting is $430 USD per aircraft and the time of the process is between 10 to 15 business days, (timeframe could vary, depending on DGAC workload).
    Please note that the MEA is valid for a calendar year.

    Reminder: Please note all original documents must be onboard the aircraft at all time.

    We also like to remind you a letter of authorization on behalf of MANNY HANDLING SUPPORT, S.A. DE C.V., (DBA MANNY AVIATION SERVICES) will be necessary under the same terms and conditions as the one used in previous years. This means that only the Spanish version can be filed; for informational purposes we have placed a text of such letter in its English and Spanish versions in the Download section.



    • Certificate of Aircraft Registration
    • Certificate of Airworthiness
    • Mexican Insurance Policy (just if the Insurance Policy from your country does not cover Mexican territory)
    • Insurance Policy issued by the country of origin or Worldwide Insurance Policy



    • Power of Attorney. For informational purposes we have placed a text of such letter in its English and Spanish versions *Attached .
    • Certificate of Aircraft Registration
    • Certificate of Airworthiness
    • Air Carrier Certificate
    • Insurance Policy for commercial use issued by a Mexican entity (Insurance Policy acceptable per aircraft fleet), please include the payment receipt
    • Insurance Policy issued by the country of origin or Worldwide Insurance Policy
    • DOT (for passengers and cargo) is a certificate of registration as an air taxi operator under Part 298 of the Department’s Regulations (14CFR PART 298 domestic air transportation, foreign air transportation and transportation of mail by aircraft) or air cargo operator issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation or License of ambulance issued by your Aeronautical Authority of origin
    • For Air Ambulance Service, License of Ambulance issued by your aeronautical authority of origin


    The ordinary requirements are:

    • Notarized Power of Attorney duly Apostilled or legalized by the Mexican Foreign Agency if your country is not member of the Treaty of Apostille
    • Airworthiness; Experimental Airworthiness and/or letter of authorization to conduct operations in the airspace for experimental flight testing
    • Certificate of Aircraft Registration
    • Mexican Insurance Policy issued by a Mexican entity (Insurance Policy acceptable per aircraft fleet), please include the payment receipt
    • Insurance Policy issued by the country of origin or Worldwide Insurance Policy
    • The area where demo flights will be performed and airports involved
    • Licenses and medical certificates from pilots proving technical capabilities
    To check for outstanding fees:

    In order to determine and pay these navigation fees is necessary to have an account or user ID with SENEAM, which is the authority that determines and regulates the use of the Mexican air space. In order to get this mandatory user ID you will need to follow the next steps;

    1. Send a copy of the airworthiness, registration and a head letter to the following email .
    2. Make sure that in the head letter you mention that you would like to set up and account and receive navigation fees.
    3. SENEAM will take from 3 to 5 days to reply your request as long as all the documentation is send properly.
    4. After you receive these fees and user ID you can send them to Manny Aviation and we only can help you to process the payment due to a Mexican bank account is needed. We add 20% for our service.
    5. Bear in mind that is important to have these payments on time to avoid being blocked of overflying Mexican territory.

    If you have any questions or need further assistance with the application, please contact us at +1 (722) 273 0981, or 1877 50 MANNY or simply send us an email, please copy on all communications.


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