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Manuel "Manny" Romero-Vargas Gomez de Parada jj

Manuel Romero-Vargas Gomez de Parada, "Manny" was born in Mexico City in 1941. As a child he was fascinated by model cars, and during his adolescence became interested in automotive mechanics.

In 1959, while working at Casa Ponce de Leon at Mexico City Airport, an in-flight catering business owned by his uncle Fernando Gomez de Parada, he developed a passion for aviation.

In partnership with his uncle, he contributed to the consolidation and success of the business, which soon became the leader in its field, serving Canadian Pacific, Air France, KLM, Qantas, BOAC, Varig, VIASA and Lufthansa among others.

Five years later, Manny began a representation of the first charter flights from the U.S. east coast to Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Merida.

From 1965 and 1970, Manny expanded his operations to represent Universal Airlines, ONA, Charter Standard Airways and Saturn, also coordinating and supervising ground support services to charter cargo companies such as Air Lift International and Zantop.

In 1973, John Vaughan, General Manager of British Airways Mexico, appointed Manny as the Mexico City Station Manager of British Airways, responsible for BA's traffic and flight operations from Heathrow, in London, to the Mexico City International Airport. These operations included Super VC-10s and Boeing 707-320s.

In 1974, while working for British Airways, Manny met Thomas G. Evans, Founder and President of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. Recognizing the potential Business Aviation market in Mexico, Mr. Evans invited Manny to represent his company in Mexico and in 1979, Tom and Manny incorporated Universal Aviation Services Company (UASCO). Both worked hard and were rewarded by UASCO, becoming the premier ground support coordination Company in Mexico. Manny and Tom Evans remained good friends until Tom's death in 1981. Manny remained CEO of UASCO until September 1993, when he decided to start his own business.

Following a reorganization period, he founded Manny Aviation Services (Manny Aviation) in December of 1997. Manny put his philosophy to work: to provide outstanding customer service and attention to even the smallest details. His philosophy paid off.

Celebrating in 2012 fifteen years in business, Manny Aviation Services has received the recognition it deserves. The Professional Pilot Magazine through its Prase survey awarded Manny Aviation as the "Best FBO in Mexico" in 2002 and 2004 and the "Best Handling Service Company" in 2005, 2006 and 2007, and from 2011 to 2013 the "Best Mexican FBO/Handler". Manny has dedicated his life to serve others. With more than fifty years of experience in the Aviation Industry, he has assisted some of the most important companies in the world, as well as various presidents, prime ministers and royalty from all over the globe. Manny passed away on December the 23rd of 2014 after being on the top of his professional career. His legacy continues...


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