Local Committee of Operations and Itinerary from Toluca International Airport.

Dear Customer and Friends,

ASA Fuel is aware of the severe delays General and Business Aviation has suffered for fuel uplift over the past months, and AMAIT and other Authorities are asking and reminding all to write a complaint no only to ...
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Current NOTAMS at MMTO:

A4726/16 - RWY 15/33 CLSD. 1700/1800 DAYS TUE, 30 AUG 17:00 2016 UNTIL 27 SEP 18:00 2016. CREATED: 20 AUG 00:09 2016

Multy Entry Authorization 2017.

Dear Customer and Friends,

As every year, we are close to the date (mid-October) when our Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) opens the program on behalf of those interested in filing authorization for 2017 MULTY ENTRY AUTHORIZATION (2017 MEA). This give us the possibility to anticipate the date of filing without having to wait for January 1st 2016 to arrive...
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New Procedures for Reporting & Calculating Nav Fees.

Dear Customer and Friends,

Attached please find important information of new internal procedures concerning reporting and payments of Overflights starting today August 25th, 2014.

Overflight Procedures.


ICAO FPL Important Information.

Dear Customer and Friends,

Good day, please find attached very important information concerning the correct airport exit and flight routes to use when filing ICAO FPL at Mexico.

Page 1 English version

Page 2 Spanish version

If questions about, please feel free to contact us ops@mannyaviation.com



Private Flights into Mexico.

We kindly ask you to see the MEMO attached in reference to the changes recently made by the “General Ruling for the Allowance and Entrance of Foreign Aircraft for a Private Transport use” which began to be current on May 20th, 2014...

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Security Manual Against Acts of Unlawful Interference.

Air Charter Operators for Passengers, Air Ambulances and Cargo, respectfully be advise that the Mexican Civil Aviation Authority or so called Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) in Mexico, is requesting all operators to present a Security Manual against Acts of Unlawful Interference (in Spanish) per the ruling under Article 44 of the Civil Aviation Law.

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APIS for Mexico.

Respectfully be inform in accordance to Article 46 of the Law of Immigration, that the National Immigration Institute (“INM”)  will begin enforcing a request for APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) submission to all aircraft coming in and out of Mexico; please note that this new requirement will apply to all types of operations (National and International, Far Part 91, 135 or 121, etc..)...

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